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 Temper. (Open)

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PostSubject: Temper. (Open)   Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:08 pm

This is just about a girl with a really bad temper.. She is a demon, a wolf demon, and is going to a human school, trying to fit in. But.. When people talk bad to her, she'll loose her Temper. But what if one boy, and one girl, both want her? Not to mention, there twins, and will fight for the girl, they want her badly.

I neeeeeed......

Girl: Not Taken
Boy: Not Taken
--Character Sheet--
What's your opinion on the new girl?:

--My Character--

Name: Okami Wolf Williams
Age: Looks 17
Bio: She's the new girl and is a wolf demon. She has a really bad temper. And if you get her angry enough, her wolf ears will come out. She really can be a b*tch to men, women she can be nicer. CAN be.
Personality: Angry, Mean, Cold, She has to warm up to you to be nice and respect you.
Height: 5'0... Don't call her short..
What's your opinion on the new girl?: I am the new girl ya idiot!!!!!

The white haired one.
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Temper. (Open)
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